Hello world!

Some people call it inventing, innovating, tinkering, hacking or making.  I prefer to call it development, because really the only difference between a massive corporate development project and a backyard development project is just budget and resources.  The former isn’t typically better for any reason, and on many occasions the latter can easily be the quicker, leaner and more successful.

Another debate worthy topic, and usually one of the first when talking about new development projects is secrets. Should you lock up all of your work in a deep dark hole, only to see the light of day once the plethora of legal “protection” paperwork is in place? Or should you share, every step of the way, all of your hard work what  the rest of the world, for free?

I’m not going to try to answer either of those questions. I don’t even intend on debating them.  I really have no delusions of trying to convince anyone one way or the other.  After spending most of my time thus far developing projects under the constraints of secrecy and “protection” , I’ve decided that it is worthwhile to explore the realms of open development and use this blog as a kind of open working notebook.

To begin, I have a number of projects that I am currently working on, a 3d printer, an automated garden, and an electric mountainboard which I will be documenting here.


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