MQTT on the ESP8266, Part 2

Following my success in getting the ESP8266 to publish to the MQTT broker, I think it’s time to get my topics in order.  After a quick bit of research, I found the following sites: Tinkerman HiveMQ Using these guidelines, I have decided to setup the following topics for the ESP8266 to use: For publishing data […]

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MQTT on the ESP-8266

It’s time for the fun stuff now.  Building some sensors that can talk to my local MQTT broker built in a router.  I’m starting with the ESP-8266.  I decided to use the ESP-8266 because I have a few, they are fairly popular and versatile, so why not? The particular model I am using is the […]

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More MQTT goodness

My previous MQTT themed post walked through my setup of an MQTT broker on a TP-Link router, which serves as my local IoT communication hub.  Today I’m upgrading the OpenWrt firmware along with updated mosquitto software, which is now MQTT 3.1.1 compliant! Step 1 – Upgrade OpenWrt on router I found and downloaded the upgrade version […]

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Setting up an MQTT broker

With all of the sensor and data generating projects that I’m working on, I figured that it would be worthwhile to get a centralized system setup for managing all of the data collected.  After some research, I found MQTT, a nifty little message brokering protocol that seemed to be particularly useful and very scale-able/extensible.  I […]

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